Optizen BIO POP Spectrophotometer

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Product Description

The Optizen Pop Bio is designed for biochemistry analysis and performs well as a RNA, DNA and protein analyzer. As a result of the use of fibre-optic cables and the integrated beam deflection of this machine it is possible to evaluate the sample right on the surface of the optical window. The mirrored cap provides a well defined optical light path and prevents the sample from evaporating or drying up. This allows for a much smaller volume to be analyzed.

The sample will not be augmented by evaporation of the solution which will allow for reproducable measurements. During filling and cleaning stages, the aperture of the light beam remains in the identical position and there is no variation in comparison to the reference measurement. 


  • Nucleic acids analysis
  • Determination of the incorporation frequency of fluorescent dye labels ( FOI )
  • Protein analysis : A280, BCA, Bradfod, Lowry and etc.
  • All UV/Visible range utilized analysis
  • Labeling efficiency
  • Enzyme activity and reaction rate
  • Cell density


Optical System
Single Beam Type
  Spectral Band Pass Width < 1.8nm
  Range 190 ~ 1100nm
  Accuracy <± 0.5nm (at D₂ peak 656.1nm, 486.0nm)
  Reproducibility <± 0.1nm
  Setting ≤ 0.1nm
  Slew Rate About 7,800nm/min
  Scanning Speed Max. 4,000nm/min
  Range -3.0 ~ 3.0 ABS (Enable to Set Up)
  Accuracy ± 0.005 ABS (at 1.0 ABS)
  Reproducibility ± 0.003 ABS (at 1.0 ABS)
  Stray Light < 0.05%T (220nm, 340nm)
  Baseline Stability < ± 0.001 ABS/h (at 550nm)
  Baseline Flatness < ± 0.002 ABS (200- 1100nm)
  Monochomater Modified Czerny- Turner type with 1200 lines/mm blazed Grating
  Light Source Tungsten-halogen & Deuterium Lamp
  Lamp Change Wavelength 340 - 410nm (Default 370nm), including Auto Position System
  Standard Cell Holder Rotary type 8 position Multi Cell Holder
  Interface Ports 4 USB ports / 3 RS-323C ports
  Power Requirement Free Voltage
  Overall Dimensions(mm) 433(W) x 381(D) x 180(H)
  Weight 8kg