Oil-Free Portable Laboratory Vacuum Pump

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Manufacturer: Rocker Scientific
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Product Description

The Rocker 300DC is a piston-powered oil-free laboratory vaccum pump operated by 12V DC that can provide vacuum and pressure in just one unit.


Convenient operation in vehicles, outdoors or anywhere without AC power!

With precise construction and quality moving parts, the noise level is only ~ 50 dB - the lowest among equivalent products! The pump not only keeps the laboratory quiet, but also protects the operator from noise disturbances. 

The Rocker 300DC is next to maintenance-free because of the oil-free design. The Rocker 300DC comes with guaranteed operation of two-years or 3000 working hours of free service parts (excluding the moisture filter)!


Quiet & Low Vibration: direct-driven motor and high quality rubber feet keep noise level ~ 50 dB


  • Liquid filtration
    • Microbiology
    • Suspended solid
  • Air sampling
    • Stack gas
    • Ambient air
  • Vacuum oven
  • Fume suction


The Rocker 300DC is equipped with a 1/8 hp motor and provides 24 lpm of free air displacement and 650 mm Hg of maximum vacuum. It also contains one moisture trap/vacuum regulator for filtrating particles and moisture from the inlet air and features adjustment of the vacuum level. 

With its light weight, the Rocker 300DC is not only suitable for laboratory liquid filtration, but also perfect for stack or ambient gas sampling. 

To enable the pressure function, a Conversion Kit (P/N 167320-30) is required for the simple, time-minimal conversion from a vacuum pump to a compressor. 


Max. Power Consumption 210 Watts (110V)
100 mm Hg 56 lpm(110V)
Maximum Current 1.9 Amps(110V)
Maximum Vacuum 650 mm Hg (85.5 kPa)
Vacuum:0 mm Hg Flow Rate: 60 lpm(110V)
200 mm Hg 52 lpm(110V)
300 mm Hg 48 lpm(110V)
400 mm Hg 38 lpm(110V)
500 mm Hg 24 lpm(110V)
600 mm Hg 10 lpm(110V)
Motor Rotation 1700 rpm (110V)
Capacitor 16uf/250v; 5uf/400v
Horse Power 1/4 HP
Pole 4 P
Net/Gross Weight 16.7 lbs (7.6 kg) / 18.9 lbs (8.6 kg)
Port Thread 5/16"
Noise Level 52 dB
Safety Thermally protected