Lab Printers

NextDayScience offers a wide range of printers to facilitate all your lab printing needs. 

Our printers are designed with the fast-paced, high-pressure laboratory environment in mind. We understand that you need quick set-up. easy-to-read LED indicators, and printers designed to serve specialized tasks. Our all-purpose thermal printers are a versatile addition to any lab setting. The compact thermal printer is ideally suited for use with our series of balances and scales. And our printers developed specifically to print labels combine the convenience of a lab printer with the benefits of a large desktop printer, and create clearly printed labels that can withstand the extreme temperatures of lab testing and experimentation.

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Accuris UV Transilluminator

Item #: E3000
from: $979.00 sale: $832.15

SmartBlue Transilluminator

Item #: E4000
from: $560.00 sale: $476.00

Thermal Printer Paper

Item #: 71XX Series
from: $21.50 sale: $19.14

LABeler Lab Printer

Item #: L9010 Series
from: $169.50 sale: $106.19