At Next Day Science, you can be certain that our laboratory instruments are reliable, affordable, and top quality.

When it comes to balances and scales, you will get the most value for the price, whether you are seeking a high-end instrument or a more affordable option. Plus, you'll have the security of knowing that you are buying the best in precision instruments, no matter what your price point. Our analytical balances and top loading balances set new standards of weighing excellence, while our compact balances are the best choice for economy and simple operation. And our laboratory aspirators are a safe and reliable way to eliminate liquid waste and pathogens, no matter how dangerous.

We have technical specialists on hand to answer your instrument questions and make sure you have the right product for your lab. For more information call 866-650-0314 to get your instrument questions answered today.

Featured Products

Accuris Analytical Balance

Item #: W3100 Series
from: $1665.00 sale: $1415.25

Enduro Horizontal Gel Box

Item #: E1007 Series
from: $341.56 sale: $273.25

SmartBlue Transilluminator

Item #: E4000
from: $560.00 sale: $476.00

LABeler Lab Printer

Item #: L9010 Series
from: $169.50 sale: $106.19

Since 2005, Next Day Science has provided professional-grade laboratory instruments, equipment, and supplies to industries around the world. We’ve worked with government agencies, educational programs, pharmaceutical and life sciences researchers, and many more science and industrial applications to offer a wide array of instruments and equipment at highly competitive prices. Our outstanding customer service has won us the respect of individuals and organizations who need lab instruments for their operations. 

At Next Day Science, you can be certain that our laboratory instruments are reliable, affordable, and the best in quality. When it comes to instruments like balances and scales, we provide our customers with the best value for the price, no matter if you're seeking a high-end instrument or something more affordable. Our range of scales are incredibly popular with the medical cannabis industry; marijuana scales offer precision and repeatable performance for delicate weighing tasks for retail or research in this quickly-growing field. Our higher-end analytical balances for sale are ideal for precise work, especially in the research and development of pharmaceutical and agricultural products. From laboratory weighing scales to laboratory aspirators and balances, Next Day Science has the largest selection and some of the best pricing in the science supply industry.

Next Day Science Laboratory Instruments

We understand that every laboratory operation is different. Some may require balances and scales that fall on the top end of the spectrum, while other operations do not require that level of precision or expense. Our customer service specialists can help our customers determine what the right instruments are for your specific needs, helping to ensure that you get the most for your tight operating budget. Next Day Science offers a wide range of laboratory instruments for sale, including:

  • Compact Balances - these compact balances for sale are ideal for simple operation and economic performance. They make perfect marijuana scales for recreational retail and medical operations.
  • Analytical Balances - for repeatable accuracy and the highest level of precision, our range of analytical balances are designed for mission-critical research and development applications.
  • Top-Loading Balances - for weighing dry materials in research, retail, or medical/agricultural operations our top-loading balances for sale feature great precision and durable construction for long-term use.
  • Laboratory Aspirators - these devices are used to eliminate dangerous liquid wastes and pathogens from laboratory operations, including tissue culture vessel media removal or supernatant extraction.

The Next Day Science Difference

By working closely with equipment and instrument manufacturers, Next Day Science can offer some of the most cost-effective pricing in the science supply industry. Our customers know they can rely on us for our exacting knowledge of our products and our help in selecting the right equipment for specific research or educational needs in wide variety of fields. Our staff is always looking for new products to add to our extensive product range in an effort to provide our customers with the best selection at the best prices.

We are committed to providing every customer with a positive experience by sharing our knowledge, our service, and our range of quality, performance-oriented laboratory instruments and equipment. Next Day Science proudly serves customers around the world with the best quality at competitive prices.