Graduated Cylinder, Blue Molded Graduations, PP

Item #: 602560 Series
Manufacturer: Globe Scientific

Product Description

These high quality cylinders are optimal for the accurate and safe measurement of all types of liquid. These cylinders feature a tapered spout and wide rim for easy filling and pouring.

The non wetting interior surface eliminates concave menisci which allows for more accurate measurements. This cylinder is stable and roll resistant due to its wide pentagonal shaped base. This heavy-duty plastic withstands repeated autoclaving. Switching from glass cylinders to these plastic cylinders will greatly reduce the potential for injury and breakage.


  • Wide opening and tapered pour spout.
  • Break-resistent.
  • Can withstand a continuous working environment of up to 100°C.
  • Conforms to ISO 6706-1981 (E) and BS 5404 Part 2 (International standards for plastic cylinders).