Next Day Science offers a complete line of the highest quality glassware available, including durable flasks and storage bottles designed to meet the most rigorous testing and experiments. 

Our Class A volumetric glassware is manufactured to meet ASTM and USP specifications, using state of the art manufacturing and calibration equipment.  All of our laboratory glassware is made from low-expansion Type 1, Class A borosilicate glass. Regardless of your needs, our glassware will exceed your expectations.

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Borosilicate Glass Filter Flask

Item #: 311430
from: $74.50 sale: $70.78

Borosilicate Glass Serum Vials

Item #: 235270 Series
from: $207.04 sale: $182.20

Bulk Borosilicate Glass Chromatography Vials

Item #: 235200 Series
from: $256.70 sale: $225.90

Capillary Tube Accessories

Item #: 516XX-2 Series
from: $17.80 sale: $13.35

Class A Snap Cap Volumetric Flask

Item #: 278380 Series
from: $20.00 sale: $18.00

Class A Volumetric Flask with PP Stopper

Item #: 278390 Series
sale: $21.60

EZclear Baffled Erlenmeyer Flask with VersaCap

Item #: 248-42XX-52XX
from: $144.47 sale: $108.35

EZclear Erlenmeyer Flask with VersaCap

Item #: 248-41XX-51XX
from: $144.47 sale: $108.35

Hybex Media Storage Bottle

Item #: B3000 Series
from: $95.00 sale: $80.75

KIMAX Volumetric Flasks with Glass Stopper

Item #: 238000-1 Series
from: $313.38 sale: $282.04

KIMAX Volumetric Flasks with PE Stopper

Item #: 238000-2 Series
from: $321.44 sale: $289.30

KIMAX Volumetric Flasks with PTFE Stopper

Item #: 238000-3 Series
from: $282.57 sale: $228.88

Micro-Hematocrit Capillary Tubes

Item #: 516XX Series
from: $49.00 sale: $36.75

Oval Prescription Bottles

Item #: 117217
from: $23.54 sale: $20.72

Packer Bottles - Clear PET

Item #: 111965
from: $130.71 sale: $94.02

Plain Medium Round Bottles

Item #: 116121
from: $158.87 sale: $142.98

Plastic Micro-Hematocrit Capillary Tubes

Item #: 51680 Series
from: $156.60 sale: $117.45

Pre-Calibrated Micro-Hematocrit Capillary Tubes

Item #: 51628
from: $168.70 sale: $126.53

PYREX Class A Volumetric Flasks with Glass Stopper

Item #: AKM-2000 Series
from: $86.70 sale: $78.03

PYREX Low Actinic Volumetric Flasks with Stopper

Item #: AKM-2600-01 Series
from: $153.90 sale: $138.51

PYREX Snap Cap Class A Volumetric Flasks

Item #: AKM-2600 Series
from: $59.05 sale: $53.15

PYREX Volumetric Flask with PE Stopper

Item #: AKM-2100-0111
from: $348.70 sale: $313.83

PYREX Wide Mouth Low Actinic Volumetric Flasks

Item #: AKM-2600 2 Series
from: $271.81 sale: $244.63

PYREXPlus Class A Volumetric Flasks with Stopper

Item #: AKM-2600-01 2 Series
from: $325.19 sale: $292.67

Glassware Questions & Answers

The best way to avoid breakage, and therefore ensure your safety, is to avoid mechanical stresses to the glass and ensure stability by supporting the components. To minimize stresses and vibrations, use something like PTFE bellows.

For volumetric accuracy, remember that brands vary. Be very careful that your measuring instrument is valid, measuring what it is meant to measure. Make sure that you choose a brand that is consistent in the way in which it constructs joints to ensure proper sealing.

The brand should be able to replicate multiple items according to industry standards. Choose the glass that has a uniform thickness of the wall. This will result in better durability.

It is important to follow safety protocols at all times, not only when you are working with glass. Always wear safety goggles to prevent eye irritation and even blindness if an accident occurs.

When working with corrosive chemicals, wear latex gloves to protect your hands. In fact, latex gloves are recommended for all lab work. In case of splashing or spillage, wear a laboratory coat or apron, and always wear closed shoes to protect your feet.

Many glass products have been especially designed for use in the laboratory.

  • Desiccators. A container that absorbs moisture from a substance.
  • Drying pistols. A targeted, direct method of absorbing moisture from a substance.
  • Bulb and graduated pipettes. Used to transport measured volumes of fluids from one place to another.
  • Burettes. Used to dispense exact volumes of liquid into another vessel.
  • Beakers. Containers that are used to hold chemicals and reagents.
  • Volumetric flasks. Used to hold samples, but usually conical or spherical with a tapering neck.
  • Graduated Cylinders. Cylindrical vessels with volumetric markings to monitor volume.
  • Vials. Small bottles for storing reagents and samples
  • Slides. Used to position samples underneath a microscope.
  • Stirring Rods. Glass rods used for mixing.
  • Condensers. Used to cool heated gases or liquids.
  • Retorts. Used for distillation.
  • Funnels. Used for pouring a liquid into a narrow opening.
  • Petri dishes. Small, shallow dishes used to culture live cells.