General Purpose Water Baths

A general purpose water bath is an essential piece of laboratory equipment. The heated water in the bath is useful for incubating samples at a constant temperature for a long period of time. It's also a safe method for heating flammable chemicals that may ignite over a flame source and to warm or melt samples or encourage chemical reactions at high temperatures.

Next Day Science offers a wide range of general purpose water baths that are a sleek, cleanly designed addition to your bench.

You can count on absolute control, precision, and convenience in both digital and analog models, all priced with your budget and high quality in mind. For more information, see individual model descriptions.  
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Mini water bath 6 liter

Item #: W1106A
from: $690.79 sale: $552.63

MX Immersion Circulator

Item #: MX-CA11B
from: $1009.50 sale: $908.55

Premium Digital Water Bath

Item #: WBEXXA11B Series
from: $434.25 sale: $390.83

SB-12L Shaking Water Bath

Item #: SB0012
from: $2899.00 sale: $2464.15

MyBath Digital Water Bath

Item #: B2000
from: $589.00 sale: $500.65

7L & 15L Digital Dual Tank Water Bath

Item #: W614M
from: $1662.00 sale: $1362.84

14 Liter Digital Water Bath

Item #: W14M
from: $904.00 sale: $741.28

Shaking Water Bath

Item #: WS Series
from: $2708.00 sale: $2220.56

Polycarbonate Open Tank

Item #: TXXPA1 Series
from: $266.75 sale: $240.08

Flask Holder

Item #: 040800 Series
from: $45.75 sale: $41.18