DSM Density Meter

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Product Description

The DSM-Cuvetteā„¢ is a light weight, battery powered, portable and very simple to use cell density meter. It can be used to measure yeast cells, E. Coli and other biological samples held in suspension, at a wavelength of 600nm. The machine comes preconfigured to provide testing using a standard 10 mm cuvette.

This instrument contains functions of logarithmic transmission absorption, % transmission and also comes with an intervalometer for time-lapse recording. This instrument's small size allows it to be used in small environmentally controlled spaces such as anaerobic compartments or incubation chambers.

A LED light source provides the 600 nm light that is fixated on the sample in order to aquire the results. An easy to use touch panel provides all the function buttons for convenient use. This control panel is made of glass for simple wipe down and spill clean-up.

A USB access port is given to link to a PC or printer which allows readings to be printed out or inputted as data into the computer for further analysis. A battery assembly that is fully charged can operate for 30 days free of AC power. It can also be recharged in 12 hours when the instrument is turned off.

Cleaning this machine can be done easily using simple regular agents found in the laboratory such as; ethanol or de-ionized water. It can be sterilized with formaldehyde or ethylene. Acetone and other organic solvents should not be used as it may errode the sites for the samples.


  • Small, portable and dedicated cell density instrument
  • Instrument is powered by a rechargeable battery
  • Simple one button operation for functions
  • USB port allows easy data collection or printing results
  • Fully built-in controls and software requiring no computer for operation


Center Wavelength CWL (nm)
600 nm 
Full Width-Half Max. FWHM (nm)
10 nm 
Optical density -0.3 to 1.99 A 
± 0.05 A at 1 A
± 0.02 A at 1 A 
Cuvette Holder
Accepts 10 mm path length semi-micro and macro cuvettes or  14-17 mm round tubes, fixed with drain channel
USB 2.0
2000 readings 
240 x 160 graphic LCD
Power Requirements
Internal rechargeable NiMH battery or universal external power supply (wide range 110-220V)
Approximate Dimensions
194 × 84 × 173 mm (W × H × D) 
0.8 kg 
Safety Certifications
CE, RoHS complaint