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Product Description

The repeatables and precise  -l°C per minute cooling rate is essential for keeping cells. This cryo-safe container lets you preserve your cells at this temperature. To use, just add 250ml of 100% isopropyl alcohol, and store in a -70°C freezer.


 • Polycarbonate jar and HDPE screw on lid
• 18 well vial holder
Closure O.D.: 124 mm (4.9")
Container I.D.: 112 Dia. x 72 mm H (4.4 x 2.8") 


The removable 18 well polyethylene vial holder prevents direct contact of the vials with the alcohol. An open cellfoam ring fits inside the jar. To save freezer space, the alcohol-filled jars can be stored at room temperature. Simple to understand picture instructions are printed on the container.
Obtain repeatable -l°C per minute cooling rate