MS Compact 0.4 Megapixel CCD Image System

Item #: UVCI-01-254

Product Description

This CCD compact image system is an easy to operate and ultra compact CCD gel documentation system. It contains a high resolution 10.4" color touch screen and a built-in UV transilluminator supplying a complete system at one location for fluorescent imaging. This self-contained system features a scientific grade CCD camera for capturing high resolution images with simple yet versatile capture and save options. High sensitive 0.4 megapixel CCD camera is offered with the compact system. There is an access port on the left side of the chamber to recover the gel bands easily and safely. This system can also be used for auto radiography film. Analysis software package is also offered as an option if needed.


  • Fluorescent imaging
  • 10.4" Color touch screen technology and built-in computer for fast and easy imaging
  • Mounted USB port for saving images and transferring images
  • Compact configuration and size
  • Inner 2 x 3 watt white light LED for uniform white light illumination
  • Safety door switch
  • Connect port for thermal printer
  • EtBr and SYBR green filters are available
  • Convenient access for gel manipulation
  • Universal rated voltage: 100 - 240V


 CCD Vidio Camera 
 Type  Composite monochrome
 Sensor  CCD Chip
 Max. CCD Resolution  811 x 508 pixels
 Pixels Density  8 bit
 Lens  F1.2, 8.5 ~ 51mm (with one +2 close-up lens)
 Filters  EtBr or SYBR Green filter (please specify when ordering)
 Power  100 - 240V
 Integrated Processor and LCD Monitor 
 Control Panel  10.4" color touch screen
 Camera Integration  24x pre-set integration
 Realtime Image Capture  manual-save images in BMP, TIFF, JPEG, and PNG format
 Image Storage  4G CF card (Compact-Flash)
 Interface     Thermal printer BNC interface
 Network connectivity through PC
 USB interface
 Supports the Mitsubishi P95DW USB thermal printer
 Inner White light  2 white LED, 3 watt/LED
 Safety Device  Safety door switch
 Side Access  For cutting gels
 Unit Dimension (W x D x H)  13.78" x 20.87" x 26.38" (350 x 530 x 670mm)
 Unit Weight  Approx. 57.2 lb (26.0 kg)
 Built-in UV Transilluminator  254 / 312 / 365nm(Optional)
 UV Transilluminator Filter Size  8.27" x 8.27" (210 x 210 mm)
 Light Source  6 tubes, 8 watt/tube