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What is Meant by a 100,000 Clean Room?
A clean room is a controlled environment having low levels of pollutants like chemical vapours, aerosol particles, and airborne microbes. The 100,000 indicates the number of particles per cubic meter. Typical city environment air contains 35,000,000 particles per cubic meter.
What Is the Current Outlook on Cryogenics?

Many scientists are on the fence about cryogenics. Most have not investigated enough to have a scientific opinion. Cloning was once a process thought to be impossible. As the basis for cryonics progresses, more cryobiologists are acknowledging the scientific feasibility.

Sixty eminent scientists have affirmed cryogenics as a science-based endeavour. Science-based does not have the same meaning as current science. Cryogenics is a protoscience that is based on the expectations of repairs and vitrification of capabilities of science in the future.

A Glimpse of All that NewDayScience Has to Offer

It would take a book to list all of the laboratory supplies that NewDayScience has to offer. There are four types of laboratories. They are physics, chemistry, biology, and home science labs. NewDayScience has supplies for each of them.

How Are Cryogenic Samples Stored?

Storing samples at low temperatures is necessary to extend the viability of reserved samples. Storing samples in mechanical freezers at -80°C slows down metabolic activity but does not stop it. Sample temperatures must be below -132°C to halt metabolic activity.

Storing below this temperature assures safe preservation. The approved range for storage equipment is -80° C to +100° C. In practice, cryogenic equipment is used until temperatures reach the vapour phase temperature of nitrogen which is between -150° C to -196° C. The location and distance from the vessel of liquid nitrogen have an impact on the vapour causing temperature.

Essential Lab Equipment for Today’s Medical Testing

Medical specimens are delicate and require the proper care in order to be useful for determining the state of a person’s health and wellness. A modern medical laboratory functions under strict guidelines for sterilization of the environment, as well as the specimens coming into the lab for testing. In order to maintain these strict guidelines, medical laboratories need several pieces of essential equipment to house the specimens as they enter the care of the laboratories. Two of these pieces of equipment are incubators and general purpose baths. Let’s look at this equipment to understand their function, the different types of equipment, and why laboratories need them as part of their essential lab equipment line up.