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A Primer on Laboratory Water and Circulating Baths

Laboratory baths are available with two key methods of heating and cooling. There are general purpose water baths, which work with heated water, and circulating baths for experiments and research that require temperatures above the boiling point and below the freezing point, serving both heating and cooling needs. Read here for a guide to the several types of water and circulating baths:

A Guide to Autoclaves, Micro Bead Sterilizers, and Chemical Safety Cabinets

When you think of the most essential equipment in a laboratory, those items that promote safety are at the top of the list. Autoclaves, which use high pressure steam to sterilize liquid, glass, and biohazards; micro bead sterilizers, which easily eliminate bacteria from small lab and research tools using a heated glass bead technology; and chemical safety cabinets, which provide a vented environment for chemicals--all three of these pieces of laboratory equipment are designed to promote safe and effective lab work. Here is more information on each type of equipment piece so that you can make the best decisions in your laboratory purchases.