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Your Guide to Purchasing the Best Rocker and Roller for Your Laboratory

Setting up or adding new equipment to a laboratory can be a daunting prospect, at best. There are so many models at so many price points, and the budget numbers can really start adding up. 

While there are many types of equipment and materials necessary to fully outfit any lab, some of the most important components of any lab is the mixing equipment, such as rockers and rollers. Fret not! Here is a guide to purchasing all the right rockers and rollers. 

A Guide to Some Best Practices Liquid Lab Handling
Handling liquids in a lab environment requires specialized knowledge and instruments. Accuracy and precision are crucial, so you need the best instruments you can get. But even the best instruments need to be paired with good technique, and they can't protect against damage to samples and accidents when handling hazardous items. Here's how to incorporate best practices, safety, and precision into your lab when handling liquid materials