Bench/Floor Scales

If you are seeking a floor or bench scale for your facility, whether it’s a clinic, hospital, school, business or laboratory, you will find a versatile selection at NextDayScience. 

With tough metal and stainless steel construction, you can count on accurate and fast-counting scales. The variety of features includes large LCD display, external calibration, rechargeable long-life battery, adjustable zero point and zero tracking, and much more. These are scales designed with user-friendly operation in mind for easy use and quick and precise weighing. 

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Bench/Floor Scales Questions & Answers

Bench and floor scales , true to their names, are scales that are used to measure and weigh items either on a laboratory or industrial workbench or on the floor. The style and type of scale that is chosen depends on the needs and size of the laboratory, business, or industrial setting.

Look for bench and floor scales that are made from durable metal with stainless steel construction. You will want a scale, whether it’s a counter/bench model or a floor model, to be intuitively easy-to-use so that you can count on quick and precise weighing.  The modern scale includes large LCD display, external calibration, rechargeable long-life battery, and adjustable zero point and zero tracking, for starters.

Because bench and floor scales are in lab and industrial environments, they are expected to be durable and rugged. They need to stand up to heavy use and to work with precision time and again. Plus, they need to be resistant to harsh and hazardous chemicals, able to withstand the demands of a laboratory or industrial setting where these chemicals are constantly in use. They may also be used for cleanroom and washroom environments, such as food preparation settings, food processing plants, and agricultural facilities, to name a few.

Due to the specific needs of clean room and washroom scales, look for features like IP66-rated wash-down housing with a large stainless steel weighing pan and color indicators that show when an item is okay, under- or over-limit. This makes checking weight simple and quick. Indicators for overloads will protect the scale, and auto power-off keeps the use of the scale efficient. Other handy items include an AC adapter or rechargeable battery pack for when it’s necessary for the scale to be portable and away from a power source. For retail settings, an extra large total cost and weight display that’s easy-to-read will speed up sales transactions.

For floor scales that are needed to meet the tough demands of a production floor, warehouse, or even medical applications, you will want to have LED limit indicators and a parts counting application with fully selectable unit or sample weight. A numeric keypad for sample entry and unit weight will streamline the weighing process. The stainless steel top pan should be a grade 304 with a mild steel base to stand up to the rigors of industrial and hospital settings.

Because a bench or floor scale is an essential piece of equipment for many labs, hospitals, clinics, businesses, and warehouses, you want to be sure to do your research to confirm that the bench or floor scale you purchase is right for your setting. Find a quality supplier with a knowledgeable customer support staff that is available to answer your technical questions and specifications.

Bench and floor scales can range in size and capability according to the needs of the lab, and the prices vary accordingly. In general, the price tags are from a couple of hundred dollars to several hundred, depending on the functionality and size of the scale.