Bacteria Incinerator / Sterilizer

Item #: MX-BS Series
Manufacturer: C & A Scientific
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Product Description

Our Incinerator/Sterilizer is an infrared heat sterilizer. It is safe and simple to operate without fire and ideal for use in the field of microbiology.

Small diameter MX-BS14

  • Max. diameter of sterilizer goods: 14mm
  • Length of heating body: 140mm

Large diameter MX-BS35

  • Max. diameter of sterilizer goods: 35mm
  • Length of heating body: 100mm


  • Fast – Thorough sterilization takes only 5-7 seconds.
  • High heat – Center temperature can reach 800°C.
  • User-friendly – Allows body to adjust to an angle for easy operation and cleaning.
  • Safe – Infrared heat (not fire) is enclosed in a ceramic pipe to prevent spattering and cross contamination.
  • Longevity – Built-in temperature protection allows for safe and reliable use and enhances the service life of the machine.


Product Specification



Center maximum temperature

                                  825°C± 50°C

Standby constant temperature


Maximum diameter of sterilizer goods

                  14 mm

                35 mm

Length of heating body

                 140 mm

               100 mm


                     AC220V ±22V, 50Hz ±1Hz, 200W

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